Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beach Secret: How to fly to Hawaii for cheap!

If you are thinking of booking a trip to Hawaii and you live in the Pacific Northwest, do you have your Alaska Airlines Credit Card?  I tell so many people about this card that it sounds like I work for them - and I don't (though I should)!  It's a $75 annual fee, but you get about 20,000 miles just for signing up.  That's not the best part though...the best part is the $99 companion pass you get every year.  You book one flight, no matter the cost, and book your 2nd for $99!  I am telling you this because that means your $350/per person (that's right, they fly that cheap!) flight to Hawaii just became $450 for 2 people!  There is truly not a better deal out there.  Make sure your significant other gets the credit card too and suddenly going to Hawaii twice a year will seem more like a necessity than a luxury! :)  American or Canadian, you can get this card - you just need to live near one of their hubs (Seattle, Vancouver for example).

You can thank me later ;)

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