Friday, 27 January 2012

Beach Music: Streetlight Cadence

While walking the streets of Waikiki one night this past December, we walked by a busking group.  As a musician myself, I make a point of giving buskers money (good karma, right?), so I reached into my purse looking for some coin, which took just long enough to notice these guys were actually good!  Really good!  We ended up staying for their entire street side set.  They chose covers that got the growing curbside audience singing along, and when they sang their own songs they were full of great hooks and melodies.  I was particularly taken by the accordion player.  Every so often you see a musician who plays music not only by choice, but because they have to.  And I mean have to - in their soul.  Born to do it - have to do it.  I think he is one of those people.  As this new band grows and develops, I wish them much success.  And next time you find yourself on the streets of Waikiki, check for the college kid buskers with the stand up bass, accordion and violin.  You'll be glad you did.
Streetlight Cadence

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