Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Beach Reading: A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands

It doesn't take much to make a trip to Hawaii perfect.  Beaches, idylic weather and Mai Tais.  But what makes Hawaii even more incredible is its very rich and fascinating history.  Knowing more about the islands makes them that much more incredible when visiting a land that has seen it's share of good times and hard, not to mention the sheer wonder that human kind found these islands at all (Fact: They are the most isolated islands in the world).  If you want a simple over view of a very complicated history, I recommend checking out this book.  It's a short read but it will take you from when the islands were first inhabited, to the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, Pearl Harbour and President Obama.  Reading this book has only made me even more interested in seeing the various historical landmarks on the islands and has caused a deeper appreciation and fascination of Hawaii.  Grab a copy at...you guessed it, the ABC Store!

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